Helping Build a Dream: Insight Speech and Language Center

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One of the things we love most at City Home Center is helping our customers create the homes of their dreams. And it’s extra special for us when we get to help build a different kind of dream – a business idea that has been in burning in someone’s heart for years. Amanda Mathews, a Laurel resident, recently opened Insight Speech and Language Center, and we are grateful that Amanda chose City Home Center to help her build this long-awaited business that is already benefiting our community. 

Amanda Mathews

After graduating from West Jones High School, Amanda received a degree at the University of Southern Mississippi. Then, after graduate school at the University of South Alabama, she moved to San Antonio, Texas, where she spent over five years working in adult rehab as the Director of Rehabilitation and Speech-Language Pathology. In 2016, Amanda moved back to Laurel and took a position with the Laurel School District as a Speech-Language Pathologist, where she worked with young children to help treat communication disorders. 

Even in San Antonio, Amanda knew that opening a private practice was a dream and goal for her future. “I knew for several years that private practice was the ultimate goal,” Amanda said.  Amanda secured the building space at 2118 Sandy Lane in Laurel, just behind Briarwood Animal Clinic that runs parallel to 16th Avenue in Laurel, and over the summer, Insight Speech  and Language Center was born.

Amanda chose City Home Center to help her with flooring, cabinets, counter tops and paint for the Center. “The willingness CHC had to let me take samples back and forth to the worksite to see what worked best made it easy to make decisions,” Amanda said. When asked about her favorite thing about her new office, Amanda said, “By far it’s the color on the wall. I chose City Home Center’s Pearly Jade by Valspar, and every single person comments on it. It’s perfect!”

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Amanda believes communication is so valuable to the lives of every person, and, for her, having the skill set to help support the acquisition of language for children is a gift. “It’s so wonderful to  sit with a family and be the professional that finally gets them and works hard to support them,” she said. “The people are my favorite part of what I do.”

Insight Speech and Language Center offers services in the following areas.


  • Autism

  • Dyslexia

  • Differential Diagnosis for English Language Learners 


  • Speech

  • Language

  • Dyslexia

  • Fluency 


  • Articulation/Phonology/Speech Sound Disorders

  • Receptive or Expressive Language Delay or Disorders 

  • Social/ Pragmatic Language Disorder

  • Fluency Disorder

Amanda looks forward to expanding the types of services offered. “Our community deserves to have options as well as individualized client-focused intervention,” she said. “That is what I hope to provide Jones County.” 

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