Hardwood vs. Laminate – Which is right for you?



If the decision of flooring has ever been an overwhelming one for you, you are not alone. At City Home Center, we see customers every day who come in believing they know what they want, then doing a complete 180 degree turn and making a different choice in the end. Traditionally, hardwood flooring was all the rage, and it remains one of the most beautiful flooring options out there. But just like the highest quality furniture or jewelry, hardwood floors come with a little extra care. And depending on your stage of life, you may find that a different flooring option works best for your home.

Many are surprised to find that hardwoods cannot be wet mopped – only dust mopped or damp mopped. But believe us when we say hardwoods are stunning as long as the home owner is willing to put in the care required. We carry beautiful hardwood options and engineered hardwood options available to see in person at the store. Contrary to popular belief, engineered hardwood is a true hardwood that is made a lot like furniture with a veneer on top. It can be glued to a concrete slab and typically has an easier installation than a traditional hardwood, but it still requires the care of wood. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

If you're in love with the idea of hardwood floors, but your budget won't allow you to get them for your home, City Home Center has a wide range of laminate flooring that is beautiful and affordable. A once inferior substitute, today, high-quality laminate hybrid options exist. The best laminate floors come imprinted with a textured image that resembles real wood but are made up of stone extruded and/or polymer materials. This style of flooring fools the eye and makes you believe it's genuine hardwood.

Advantages - Premium laminate, made from luxurious flooring materials, is durable as well as affordable. This type of quality laminate will resist scratches, stains, and moisture. It's easier to keep clean than real hardwood and is a highly functional choice for flooring when you want a gorgeous look but need to stay within a specific budget.

Color Options - With a variety of colors and textures available, you're sure to find an excellent fit for your home, whether you're looking to do the entire house or one or two rooms. You can pick a light, medium, or dark shade, and whatever pattern will best suit your needs. Try dark charcoal or walnut for a traditional look. Maple is a fabulous light-wood look for contemporary homes. Or, you can choose from numerous shades of oak that will result in a marvelous outcome in different styles of homes from rustic to transitional.


Gloss Styles – For a natural look, choose low gloss, which will also help to hide scratches, making it perfect for homes with pets or in areas with high traffic. For something in between, select a medium gloss finish, which results in just a touch of shine for the best of both looks.

Some of our favorite luxury vinyl tile products at City Home Center are ADURA® from Mannington. There are four core products – ADURAMax Apex, ADURAMax, ADURARigid and ADURAFlex. All wonderful luxury vinyl options, each of these have differing levels of durability, quality and affordability. Some beautiful and economical LVT options start at below $2 per square foot. And as expected, the more real they look, the higher the price. But even at the lowest price point, it’s almost hard to tell any LVT product isn’t real hard wood (unless you’re super close up).  


So, as you can see, if can't afford hardwood, you still have lots of options. Stop by City Home Center today, and let us show you the latest in flooring. We have many in-stock options that will allow you to turn your new flooring into a weekend project.

Bonus Video: How to install ADURA®