Kitchen Remodeling: Achieving a Luxe Look for Less


Many people see beautiful kitchens with luxury appliances, backsplashes, countertops, and floors and they think, "That's just too expensive for me." When you find out the price tag for these designer kitchens, it's no wonder some people think it's out of their price range. . . until, that is, you get a little resourceful. Here are a few ways that you can cut costs while also maintaining the luxe look.

Splurge Selectively

There are a few areas of the kitchen that make a huge impact but, because of the amount of materials that are needed, they are relatively cost-effective. Backsplashes are one area that can give your kitchen a high-end look without breaking the bank. The right lighting also transforms a space. Recessed lighting, a popular option, can get expensive, but it might be worth the splurge if your ceilings are low. Another choice is to install strategically-placed pendant or track lighting. Again, at $200-300 per fixture it can get a little pricey, but it can also make a huge impact.

DIY Whenever You Can

If you're not under strict time constraints, you can learn to do many projects just through YouTube videos or by reading the instructions on the package. At City Home Center, we have a selection of backsplash and tile options that are more “DIY” friendly than others, and we can give you advice on what will be easiest to do yourself and which may not. And if you don’t trust yourself for the flooring and tile, consider refinishing existing pieces of furniture, such as a table and chairs. It is a little labor intensive, but it can save you thousands.

Consider the Cabinet Options

Speaking of refinishing, if your cabinets are structurally sound but just not aesthetically pleasing, don't throw them out--repaint or stain them instead. Or, consider replacing cabinet facings only or buying pre-built cabinets rather than doing custom cabinetry. We have a great selection of ready to paint cabinets to choose from at City Home Center. Also, the hardware that you choose goes a long way in sprucing up outdated cabinets.

CHC_Kitchen Remodeling

Use Products that Effectively Imitate the Real Thing for Less

We've all heard of laminate wood flooring, and the good news is that it’s more realistic looking than ever before. Upon closer inspection, though, you can tell the difference, even with the more expensive ones.

City Home Center also carries peel and stick backsplashes. Many options have an outer side that is real glass, metal, or simulation stone that has the gritty feel of sandstone. An added bonus is that the installation for all of these items is so easy and requires so few tools that you won't need to hire a contractor.

If you look around and are willing to put in a little elbow grease, a beautiful and updated kitchen is more affordable than you think.