Small Budget, Big Impact: Bathroom Updates


Today on the blog, we’re talking all things bathroom. While kitchens and bathrooms traditionally have been known as the most expensive investments when building or remodeling a home, we’re here to tell you that you can make major improvements to your bathrooms with just a little investment.

Since bathroom countertops are traditionally much smaller than those in the kitchen, the investment to add a new countertop is typically small. With just a few square feet to cover, you may be surprised to find that a high-end countertop fits in your budget. If you’re looking to DIY the countertop upgrade, tile is a great way to do that yourself! 

If replacing the countertop isn’t an option, painting it might be! We find so many of our customers are stuck with old ceramic tile in a bright of off-putting color. One super simple way to make a change is to paint the tile white or a neutral color for a quick bathroom brightener. In fact, our sister store, Rubies Home Furnishings, featured a local home remodelthat shows a beautiful bathroom that went from green ceramic tile to a painted white, and it completely changed the look of the room.

City Home Center Bathroom

Fixtures – super easy and lots of wow factor! We all know that fixture trends change frequently, so a fixture can make a bathroom look outdated quickly. Since bathrooms are so small, it’s easy for someone’s attention to go straight to fixtures. Why not get a modern fixture or new color to update the look of the room. Sometimes that one change can make all the difference! 

Similar to countertops, with such little square footage to cover (in most cases) in a bathroom, a new floor can be much less expensive than you’d think! Plus, at City Home Center, we have received some of the most beautiful laminate flooring options that can take a bathroom from drab to fab at a very reasonable price. We also have fun colorful and neutral tile patterns that are perfect for making a regular old bathroom a stand out spot in your home.

This may seem so simple, but so many people today either have a built in mirror or an old mirror that does nothing for their bathroom. Grabbing a few pieces of trim and some paint to add a frame around an existing mirror can make it stand out and become a beautiful focal point for your bathroom. If your mirror is outdated, maybe it’s time for a quick change out. Sometimes, updates can be just this simple!

City Home Center Bathrooms

Right there alongside the mirror is the vanity.  The vanity may be one of the largest pieces of your bathroom, so an outdated one might stick out like a sore thumb. Whether yours is falling apart or could just stand an update, City Home center offers ready-to-go vanities that you can purchase as they are and replace your old one. Or, if you just want to add a fresh coat of paint to your vanity, we can help you pick out a paint color that will fit perfectly in your bathroom.

 As you can see, your budget doesn’t have to be big for you to make some changes to your bathroom that will impact your home, and your home’s value, in a major way. Stop by City Home Center today and let us help you find some ways to make a big impact on your home without breaking the bank.