Helpful people mean a great experience.

DIY Projects
Do you have a DIY project you've wanted to finish but need guidance to know what to do? Whether it's a kitchen update, paint refresh or new floors, we can help you plan out every detail of the project. We don't serve only professional builders or contractors. We cater our services to any size project or budget and can help you plan your project start to finish and connect you with the right people to finish the project quickly and efficiently.  

Commercial or Residential Projects
One of the most important things our builders, contractors and property managers tell us is that in-stock is critical when working to complete a project. While we can custom order anything you may need, we have a large selection of flooring, kitchen and bath supplies, paint and accessories in-stock and ready to help you load up for your project.

Also, we know there is no replacement for helpful, courteous people when it comes time to place big orders to finish your construction project. You can count on our team at City Home Center to greet you with a smile and supply you with what you need, when you need it.