Transform your home from the inside out with paint. 

We offer custom paint mixing, sundries and all you need to make an inexpensive update to your home with Valspar and General Finishes paint. To learn how to choose the right paint for your home, see the tips below to determine the type of paint you should buy.


Flat, matte painted finishes should be reserved for surfaces unlikely to require frequent washing. These gentle, soothing finishes conceal flaws making them an excellent choice for older walls with "character." This is an ideal choice for the dining room, living room or bedrooms and closets.

Easy Maintenance
Satin and eggshell paints are the preferred finishes for highly-trafficked areas. Attractive, long-lasting, and practical, a satin finish is easy to maintain. Just wipe up those little fingerprints with a damp cloth.

Semi-gloss paint is very durable and washable, and will produce a visible shine. It is ideal for trim, woodwork and cabinetry. You might also consider satin paint for a slightly subtler finish that's just as easy to keep clean. This finish is also a good choice for high-moisture areas because of the ease of cleanup. Be sure to select a mildew-resistant paint formulation for these areas.

Gloss finishes deliver the highest level of shine and durability and is an excellent choice to highlight doors, trim and other architectural elements.

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